Contest of Energy-Efficient Hardware and Technology

Contest Aims and Objectives:

  • Unlocking the economy potential of the Republic of Tatarstan in the area of extending the production of innovative resource-saving techniques, equipment and materials;
  • developing the measures aimed at improving the energy resource-saving techniques in the real economy sector;
  • еnhancing the efficiency and use of fuel-energy and other material resources and reducing the man-induced impact on the nature;
  • retrofitting and upgrading manufacturing industries and implementing advanced energy resource-saving technologies in manufacturing;
  • promoting the manufacturing of competitive energy resource-saving products;
  • developing a database of energy resource-efficient hardware and technology;
  • dentifying and implementing the priorities in implementing the latest advanced technology, equipment and materials that would ensure enhancing the quality of the energy resources consumption parameters in the Republic of Tatarstan and increasing the competitiveness of its products on domestic and international markets;
  • achieving the stability of enterprises in the context of market relations due to the advanced methods of energy management, including the methods of managing the energy efficiency, ensuring high quality, and reducing the adverse environmental impact; and
  • strengthening the interest of manufacturers in producing high-quality energy- and resource-intensive goods and services.