About the Forum

Tatarstan International Forum on Energy and Energy Efficiency is a reputable professional platform for fostering constructive dialogs, sharing of best practice, presenting new ideas, promising technologies, and projects in energy resources efficiency, implementing innovative techniques, attracting targeted investments, demonstrating research achievements and new developments, strengthening international and interregional business relations, and developing the practical mechanisms of enhancing energy resources efficiency that would define the prospects of developing the mutually beneficial relations of Tatarstan’s enterprises and companies to the businesses of Russian regions, other countries, and world society as a whole.

The forum is held involving the leaders of the Republic, the representatives of federal and regional authorities, and VIP guests from Russian regions and other countries. The Forum has gained credence among expert communities, annually confirming its high status.

The Forum’s participants and visitors are annually offered a highly topical business program, panel discussions, round tables, conferences, and business meetings saturated with significant discussions that help promote promising ideas and initiatives in energy saving and enhancing energy efficiency and environmental solutions. The discussions are focused on talking about the current state and prospects of sustainable development, searching for optimal ways to solve major problems and use the opening opportunities by implementing progressive solutions in energy saving, and improving energy efficiency and environmental solutions.

One of the key activities within the Forum events is actively involving the youth – the third day is traditionally held as the Youth Day. On this day, the active students from high schools, colleges, and universities, the representatives of social organizations and associations meet the representatives of authorities, ministers, and leaders of the enterprises and companies of the Republic of Tatarstan. such meeting has already become a good tradition.

Recommendations developed during the Forum have a strong practical focus and promote the development of international cooperation and the launch of new, promising projects in energy saving and enhancing energy efficiency.

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