Apartment Building with Alternative Energy Sources To Be Constructed in Tatarstan

A pilot project of an apartment building with alternative energy sources is being implemented in Tatarstan. There will be 47 apartments in the three-storey building. The project is located in the Tsarevo Village eco-complex, a 10-minute drive from Kazan. Construction started in October, 2020. The project is being implemented by Unistroi.

It provides for three alternative energy sources at once: Electricity will be produced by solar panels, while the building will be heated and supplied with hot water using a geothermal heat pump and solar collectors.

38 solar panels will be installed on the eco-house roof to generate some of the power required for the utilities.

A system of solar traps will also serve the purposes of hot water supply. Water heated to 60 degrees will be fed to apartments, while excess heat will go to the heating system of the building.

This new system will allow cutting utility charges down to 40%, as compared to conventional options. Backup engineering systems are provided for emergency situations.

The new project will be implemented in accordance with all environmental standards and meet current trends. It is also important that the so-called "carbon footprint" of such a house will be considerably reduced.

Source: Business Online