At 8:30 on March 26: Earth Hour

At 8:30 on March 26: Earth Hour

Earth Hour is the most massive environmental action on our planet!
The action is aimed at drawing attention to the need for responsible attitude to the nature and to the resources of our planet.

The campaign culmination is the Earth Hour itself, when millions of people symbolically turn off lights and electrical appliances for 1 hour.


WWF first arranged the action in Russia in 2009.
16 to 20 million people have been participating in it since 2011. In 2021, Earth Hour was held in a virtual format for the second time and brought together millions of Russians, 11 time zones, and hundreds of localities.

Every year, WWF Russia traditionally focuses on one of the topical environmental issues: Preceding events focused on the openness of environmental information, environmental activism, responsible consumption, ecological footprint, freezing oil & gas projects on Arctic platforms, protection of endangered species, restriction of industrial harvesting in valuable woods, and other topics.