Do you want to be a part of SCIENCE SLAM? Come to us!

What is #ScienceSlam?
Most of us are used to think that science is difficult, incomprehensible and very formal. How about learning something new in an informal setting?
#ScienceSlam is just about that!

#ScienceSlam is a nonacademic form of scientific communication, in which researchers present the talks on their research in an interesting and simple format.

For the first time, #ScienceSlam will be held as part of a major international forum, such as TEF-2022.
Researchers of Kazan State Power Engineering University will tell you about modern scientific trends and about their own research in a down-to-earth language.
You can find the topics of their speeches in the Forum Program.

Come to booth 1.201 at the Kazan Expo IEC on April 19-20!