Ministry of Energy of Russia to Mount the Hydrogen Energy Development Strategy

«Ministry of Energy of Russia is mounting a strategy to develop hydrogen energy, which will spell out partnership with some countries», Pavel Sorokin, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, said during the conference to mark strategic cooperation between Russia and Germany.

In October 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation approved the hydrogen energy roadmap in Russia until 2024. The roadmap is focused on scaling up production and expanding the scope of hydrogen applications, as well as enabling our country to join the ranks of the world leaders by hydrogen production and exports.

«In Russia, we pay great attention to hydrogen energy. Late last year, a plan for developing the hydrogen industry in Russia was adopted, and the Ministry of Energy is now developing some documents and a strategy, that is, the development concept, and starts some processes that will allow us to take a leading position in this market as soon as it approaches maturity», Sorokin said.

«In those plans and in the hydrogen strategy I spoke about, we are outlining active cooperation with partners, such as Germany, Japan, Korea, and France, regarding hydrogen production, transportation, and storage» deputy minister added.

Deputy head of the Ministry of Energy also mentioned that Russia had every chance to become one of the hydrogen market leaders, as it has one of the largest gas reserves, a well-developed infrastructure, and a good headstart in hydrogen production. «We are pursuing grand and lofty goals for ourselves in this area. For us to have a strong position by the time the hydrogen trade market actually emerges (I really mean trading hydrogen, not using it in industry, as it is now, but exactly trading it», Sorokin concluded.