Russia Rises 30 Positions in the Global Energy Trilemma Index

Russia has significantly improved its national energy policy, due to which it has risen to 29th place in the World Energy Trilemma Index by the year end of 2020. The ranking is made by the World Energy Council (WEC). Compared to the first Index published in 2018, Russia has risen by 30 positions.

125 countries are included in the ranking. In calculating the ranks, 32 national energy policy efficiency indicators are considered, grouped in three areas:

  • Energy security.
  • Fair access to energy (physical and financial affordability).
  • Environmental sustainability.

Commenting on the research results, Nikolay Shulginov noted that the Trilemma Index was a good tool to determine the best world practices, see the need for adjustments, and generally bring the positions together by the selected criteria of evaluations and methodology. According to him, the significant strengthening of Russia's position in the WEC Trilemma Index is a natural result of the collaborative systemic work of authorities, system-forming fuel and energy companies, academic community, and industry-related Associations for Improving the Sustainability and Reliability of the Energy System of Russia.

Reference: World Energy Trilemma Index has been published by WEC annually since 2010 and is formed based on open global and country data, such as reports of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the World Bank, information provided by the Joint Organisations Data Initiative (JODI), as well as public information and responses from the representatives of the respondent countries. The main objective of the Index is to monitor the comparative performance of measures taken to form a sustainable energy industry, as well as to perform a comparative analysis of the efficiency of public policies, based on the indicators of other participants. 

You can find the full version of the WEC report at:

Source: Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation