Russian Government Approves a Long-Term Liquefied Natural Gas Production Development Program

Relevant Production Capacity to Triple under the Program in 15 Years. Mikhail Mishustin, the Russian Prime Minister, announced this at a meeting with his deputies on Monday.

«A long-term liquefied natural gas production development program has been approved,» he said. «Over 15 years, the production capacity of liquefied gas should triple,» the Prime Minister added, referring to the parameters provided for in the document.

According to Mishustin, the new program will create additional opportunities for gasification of the country's territories, including the Far East and the Arctic. «The program is based on a comprehensive approach and aimed at diversifying the sources of gas supplies and, above all, actively using the resources of the Arctic shelf and of the Far East,» he said. «Attractive conditions will be created for investors who implement projects in this area, as well as in related industries. Moreover, the government regulation mechanisms will be improved to stimulate greater use of domestic technology in the gas industry.»

«Along with increasing the liquefied natural gas production, we are planning to create a basis for increased consumption thereof, develop infrastructure for autonomous gasification of territories, expand the governmental support activities for the more efficient and active use of natural gas motor fuel in the transport industry,» the head of government added. «It is also important to increase exports, given that the world's demand for liquefied natural gas is showing active growth, including because of its high environmental friendliness.

Mishustin is confident that all the above will contribute to the gas industry development, strengthen the regional economies, accelerate their gasification, and help to quickly obtain specific results to achieve the national development goals. 

A source: TASS