Very Soon Now: Extreme E, a New Electric Off-Road Racing Series

A new racing series, Extreme E, will appear in the world very soon. Championship to be held using electric SUVs, Spark Odyssey 21

The main goal of the Championship is to emphasize the climate change challenges various ecosystems are facing. Each of the 5 rounds to be held in 2021 will raise its own climate change problem.

The first round will be held in a Saudi Arabian desert and raise the problem of devastation and mismanagement of water and earth resources. One of the main problems of this location for the coming decades is water scarcity. 2.4 billion planet inhabitants can face drought, which may lead to the death of entire ecosystems and to appearance of "climate refugees."

The second round will be held in Senegal, on the oceanic coast. Its topic is World Ocean pollutions and increasing its level, which naturally leads to climate changes on our plant and to distinction of large territories.

The third round of the Championship is in Greenland, Arctic. It will raise the issue of global warming.

The fourth one is in Amazon, Brazil. Problem of deforestation and forest fires.

And the final round will be in Argentina, near glaciers, and raise the problem of melting glaciers and thinning the ice cap in these locations.

Well, dear friends, the world has never seen such a racing series yet.

Racing future comes closer.

And it will start on the Championship opening day, April 3.

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